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ABSOLUTELY AWESOME i cant say enough positive things about my experience today!!! The tech was SOOO patient with our little stubborn baby!!! But she went the extra mile to ensure our visit was perfect!!! I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR EVERYONE!!! Thank u again from my little family!!! Its a GIRL!!!!!!!!
Limarie ortiz
Loving and caring service! Had an awesome experience. PROFESIONAL and also loving environment. So happy with my visit!
Definitely NOT worth it!!! I went in because I wanted a GREAT pic of my daughter before she is born, but unfortunately that is not what we got. I paid over $200 for pics that look nothing like the pics they advertise. Luckily the doctor ordered one last ultrasound & the pic I got this last time was so much clearer with way more details. I am going to make sure that I show as many people as possible the differences in the ultrasounds & warn them that sneak peek ultrasound is definitely not worth it.
best place in town Such a wonderful experience and professional.
Thank you for being so kind... I brought my husband and three little ones in to see their their sweet little sibling. As the ultrasound began the technician noticed that the baby had passed. She handled the situation with professionalism and sensitivity. It was a devastating blow. They were so kind to handle the situation well and chose not to charge us for their time. I appreciate you!